The Importance of Investment in Battery Technology

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The future of batteries

The beating heart of our society is fed by a nearly insatiable demand for energy. Transportation, industry, heating, and lighting are just a few of the uses we put it to. Without a steady supply our world grinds to a halt. Unfortunately, there are many undesirable by-products and side-effects to our energy addictions that include pollution, environmental destruction, and the consumption of ever decreasing natural resources.

Driven in large part by a new global consciousness around climate change we are in the middle of an energy revolution. Technology is rapidly changing the methods of energy production and consumption in a race towards greater efficiency, lower costs, and less impact on the natural environment. Research and investment in renewable energy production, electric vehicles, and energy efficient communities is exploding.

Complementary efforts are also required to improve energy storage systems. We mostly think of energy storage as batteries which harness chemical reactions, but other methods of energy storage are under development as well. Batteries and other storage systems are essential to the long-term success in utilizing renewable but intermittent energy sources like solar, and wind power. Electric vehicle range, cost and utilization depend on high capacity, reliable, safe, and low-cost battery solutions.

To be effective batteries and other storage systems need to meet many challenges including matching the energy densities of fossil fuels at a competitive cost. They need to be able to rapidly recharge and be able to handle large load demands. 

Our world needs solutions that can scale to meet the needs of entire cities and communities working in conjunction with the electrical grid that feeds our demand.

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